Caribbean Regional Weather Radar Project

Project Management Unit

The implementation of the €13.2 million Regional Weather Radar Warning System Project is under the overall supervision of a high-level Steering Committee from the European Commission (Funding Agency), CARIFORUM (Contracting Authority) and the CMO (Implementing Agency/Supervisor). A Regional Coordination Unit, which includes representatives of the National Meteorological Services of Barbados, Belize, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, will coordinate the technical aspects of the Project.

The overall management of the Project is being carried out in a centralized manner through the Headquarters of the CMO in Trinidad & Tobago. The CMO is implementing the Project primarily through a Project Management and Technical Support Unit (hereafter referred to as the Project Management Unit (PMU )), based in Port of Spain. After an extensive tendering procedure, the PMU is being provided by a consortium comprising the MET OFFICE of the United Kingdom and Royal Haskoning (Netherlands-UK). The consortium is led by the MET OFFICE. The PMU commenced operations in July 2005.

The Project Management Unit comprises the following staff:

  • A Project Manager;
  • A Civil Works Expert;
  • A Radar Installation Expert;
  • A Computer Networks and Electronic Communications Expert;
  • A Systems Integration Expert;
  • Two locally-employed project staff (Administrative Assistant and a Project Officer).

The organizational chart of the management structure of the project is given below.

As part of its contract the Project Management unit must maintain a project website for the dissemination of information. Click here to access the website.