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19thMay 2021

Opening Ceremony

Session 1:-Lightning deaths, injuries, and damages

  1. Lightning fatalities and injuries in Caribbean, Central and South American nations
  2. Lightning Safety and Injury Prevention Programs Worldwide
  3. Medical Features of Lightning Injuries
  4. Lightning: Jamaica’s Experience

Session 2:-Lightning safety, culture, and education

  1. Development and Impacts of the U.S. Lightning Safety Program
  2. Spanish-Language Resources for National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Session 3:-Lightning preparedness and protection measures

  1. Building Ligthning Safe Communities
  2. Lightning Safety Module Developed in Colombia
  3. Costa Rica Lightning Detection Network
  4. Lightning Safety in Sport – an International Approach

20thMay 2021

Session 1:-Lightning characteristics and distribution of lightning activity in the Inter-Americas

  1. Towards a NextGen seasonal prediction system for lightning characteristics in the Inter-Americas
  2. An investigation of Lightning Strikes over Jamaica

Session 2:-Lightning and Weather Forecast Applications

  1. Understanding and Utilizing the Geostationary Lightning Mappers (GLMs) for Operational Meteorology & Lightning Safety
  2. GLM applications to Precipitation Nowcasting in the Tropical Americas
  3. Specialized Applications of Lightning Data: Tropical Cyclones and Volcanoes

Session 3:-Lightning as an essential Climate Variable

  1. Lightning : An Essential Climate Variable

Session 4:-Lightning Detection

  1. The GLD360 Lightning Network, Covering the Caribbean Today
  2. Lightning a Serious Threat to People and Economy
  3. Saving Lives and Protecting Property in the Caribbean
  4. Central America Lightning Detection Network